Branding & Communication

Branding & Communication

They say focus on making relationships, not contacts. Same applies to a brand too. Its communication must be such that it builds followers, not just acquaintances.

What Sirmor Software Solution does is give your brand identity through various online platforms, be it organic or paid.

What is

    Brand Identity in the first place?

  • It is more than just a LOGO.
  • It is the feel of your business, which means people can pick you from a crowd
  • It not only sends a strong message to your target group but also sets you apart from the competition

At Sirmor, we work on “your brand is our brand” philosophy. We brainstorm and come up with the most ideal package for you. Be it the logo, its theme, colour, tagline or the platforms it must be showcased on; all is taken care of by our team of expert professionals.

Brand Communication

Once the identity of your brand has come to the fore, the next best move is to present it in the most ideal and professional way possible. What our team does is:-

  • Understand the brand’s Target Group-TG
  • Come up with suitable & enriched designs that give your communication the much-needed spark
  • Adopt platforms that would fetch your brand eyeballs, followers and serious leads
  • Monitor the strategy made and make changes timely
  • Keep working on parallel strategies or PLAN B

Online Advertising With Us

Our Advertising capabilities spread across every business category. Not to mention, while catering to clients, we ensure to take into cognizance promotions on all social media platforms that are relevant to the brand and its pinpoint communication. The ad campaigns rolled out by Sirmor for all its clients range from devising rich AdWords to online boosting of specific communication for particular target group/s.

For us, a successful online advertising campaign is the one-

  • That improves engagement with existing and new customers
  • That offers a high ROI
  • That makes noise in the digital marketing ecosystem
  • That is easy to measure
  • That earns peoples trust and builds a brand’s reputation

Online Branding Options

The digital way of marketing your brands & services has started to fetch not only responses from the Target Audience but has ended up in conversions as well. The tilt towards Digital Marketing through varied online platforms has gained a lot of customer base. We offer a range of online branding option to clients starting from:-

  • Website Design & Development
  • Facebook and Instagram Promotions (Organic & Paid)
  • Email Marketing
  • Google Business Page
  • Search Engine Optimisation- SEO
  • Search Engine Marketing- SEM
  • Pay Per Click-PPC
  • App Design & Development

One of the core competencies that we at Sirmor have developed with time is our ability to tweak and make amendments to a particular line of action. Course-correction is what we term it as and this trait speaks volumes about our inclination to giving out tailor-made solutions to our clients.