Web Design & Development

Websites are the backbone of an organization’s digital prowess. They go a long way in cementing a businesses credibility. More so in today’s context, it is the website which is the source of a company’s identity for a person sitting right around the corner or at a far-flung location. At Sirmor Software Solution, we regard websites as a means of selling a company’s profile to a target audience that may be an existing client, a prospect, or just anybody.

Why Website Holds

    The Key To An Organizations Success?

  • A key influencer: Website not only showcases your organization’s profile but also gives all-out access of your business to clients beyond boundaries.
  • A transparent platform: Website paves the way for clear communication between you and your clients.
  • Enhances credibility: People get to see that your business is up & running and can gather specific pieces of information from it
  • One-stop impression: Any edits, additions or deletions are just a click away. Websites are an impressive way of letting your clients know that you are updated.
  • It continues to work for you, forever: All websites have a lasting value which most of your ad campaigns might not have.


Your First

     Digital Impression

A website jumpstarts your business by showcasing, imparting experiences, and even marketing your products and services. A potential customer, although stationed far-off gets to see your online presence by way of striking designs, high-quality photos, impressive testimonials; all with plugin security of the highest order.

We Take Charge

Providing optimal user-experience, error-free coding, picture-perfect website design is a routine for us. Either you select a theme for the website yourself or let us do the honours, a customized website development that fits your needs awaits you. Whether you require a correction or an advancement in your existing website or want to develop a completely new one, we create all keeping the aesthetics as well as high-ranking SEO in mind.

We Deliver

Our experience, both in B2B as well as B2C website development and design, always goes on to create appealing avenues for our clients. With us in the picture get ready for exceptional outcomes because we-

  •  Work on the SEO’s so that clients don’t miss out on your profile on the already congested search engine page.
  •  Have a perfect CMS- Content Management System in place which due to its authenticity always makes sure that your brand communication is unique, plagiarism free and crisp.

Regardless of the size and depth of your website, we make sure that our best team of designers works on your project and presents you an identity that is incomparable in terms of design. Right from incorporating everything about the company in the initial planning stages to building a completely working website that is home to stunning designs and fully-mobile responsiveness, we intend to bring to your website the most prized element- TRAFFIC.


     Which We Provide

We are a Leading Website Design and Development Company. At Sirmor, we offer Fully functional websites (Dynamic & Static) with all hitech features, well-designed with 24x7 maintenance service. Assurance to client is the first priority to us.

  • Hospital Website
  • College Website
  • Hotel Website
  • School Website
  • Tutorial Website
  • Beauty & Spa Website
  • E-Commerce Website
  • E-state Website
  • Mobile Shop Website
  • Hostel Website
  • Laundry Website
  • Health Card Website



  • Online Chatting Tools
  • Web Hit Counter
  • Email Configuration
  • Device Friendly Framework
  • Advanced Technology Enables
  • Quality Web Content
  • Clear, User-friendly Navigation